June Stats

June Stats

Some good news for Qbrushes/Qvectors, June has gone by and I would like to say things are going nice and smoothly.

In May last month 150GB wroth of Photoshop brushes and Vectors were downloaded, In June a total of 260GB+ was downloaded which is great!

But some downside to the increase is the decision to stop using Amazons S3 services as our static file host, the reason being the expensive price per GB compared to other hosting packages on offer.

I might have overlooked some of the links while changing the 200+ entires manually. So please contact me if any broken links are found. Thank you

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Elizabeth ~ Jul 3, 2008 at 1:27 am

Hi, I am making a site for free resources (that allow commercial use)for Web designers. I would like to include your site, but I was unable to find any terms of use. Do you allow free commercial use for the brushes on your site? I hope so, because some of these brushes are fantastic and I’d like to use them in my work! Thanks, Elizabeth

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