One Whole Month

One Whole Month

A month has gone by since the launch and i’m pretty happy with with the reception we’re getting.

Here are some Stats:
a total of 150GB worth of brushes and vector files were downloaded in MAY and a total of 23,047 visits to and 26.948 visits to

last week was sort of slow thanks to my internet being capped to dialup speeds for going over the download limit, i really intend to keep this blog more updated with tutorials and goodies from around the web so stay tuned.

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Badboy ~ Jul 14, 2009 at 7:27 pm

Yo, thanks a million for the great tutorial. It helped me improving my skills badly. It’s ever awesome to get some newly inspiration and I hope to read more of such articles here sometimes because no one will ever stop learning new stuff. Greetings

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