As some of you might have noticed already the site was down for 7 or so hours yesterday and i apologise for any inconvenience. I’m currently actively looking for a new hosting sever for Qbrushes and Qvectors because our current hosting support and uptime is just unacceptable. To add to the hosting problems traffic has […]

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Some Changes to Qbrushes and QVectors

Over the past week Qbrushes and QVectors has had some adjustments as some of you might have noticed. One major change is the featured brushes and vector slide show which is done by using an awesome free wordpress plugin┬ácalled “Featured Content Gallery” by, I’m loving the plugin and i intend to feature 5 brushes […]

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Hi-Res Mess Brushes by Qbrushes

I’ve been releasing some of my own vectors in the past month and now i have some high resolution photoshop brushes to share

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June Stats

Some good news for Qbrushes/Qvectors, June has gone by and I would like to say things are going nice and smoothly. In May last month 150GB wroth of Photoshop brushes and Vectors were downloaded, In June a total of 260GB+ was downloaded which is great! But some downside to the increase is the decision to […]

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Vortex Waves

This was the result of few hours of experimenting with illustrators blend tool, i quite like the simple outcome so i decided to create a wallpaper and share the AI/EPS source file. you can’t see much in the thumbnail image, so be sure to check out the enlarged version.

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Inspirational Fractal Art

Something I stumbled onto this week are these amazing fractal art works, they’re just amazing!. the thumbnail preview doesn’t show much so you should check out the high resolutions formats to see its true beauty. I do doubt that they are purely fractal but that doesn’t change the fact that its beautiful!! when the author […]

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