Amazing Dual-Screen Wallpapers

With more people using Dual monitors these days, good quality wallpapers for them are how hard to come by, that’s why i thought it be nice to share some very amazing high quality Dual monitor free wallpaper goodies that I’ve stumbled upon over time.

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Top 10 Photoshop Brushes and Vectors for May

A quick re-cap of 5 outstanding brushes and 5 vectors form MAY last month. Special thanks to all the designers who have submitted there works and also allowing us to host the files on our site for your convince.

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One Whole Month

A month has gone by since the launch and i’m pretty happy with with the reception we’re getting. Here are some Stats: a total of 150GB worth of brushes and vector files were downloaded in MAY and a total of 23,047 visits to and 26.948 visits to last week was sort of slow […]

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Design Float Circle Icon (AI Tutorial)

Finding the right icons isn’t always easy and in this case i had the perfect socialbookmarking icon set by fasticon, except one problem, it was missing a Designer float icon! so i decide to create one my self. In this tutorial i will create a Designer float icon using adobe Illustrator that will match with […]

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Welcome our first Sponsor

I’m happy to announce our first sponsor for Qbrushes & Qvectors from The site has been live for two weeks and 40GB+ worth of brushes/vector files have already been downloaded. now with our first sponsor its nice to know the S3 bandwidth bill can be paid from it :). if you would like to […]

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ABR Viewer

ABR viewer is a great free open source program that allows you to view .abr photoshop brush files without having to install them, its a great way to install only the ones you need and want. i currently use this when i submit brushes on, because obviously after installing brushes before i submit each […]

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