Blog Header with Brushes (Photoshop Tutorial)

A while ago I remember seeing this wordpress theme (sorry can’t remember where) with this type of header, the grass and vines creep in from the black darkness. I liked the idea and thought it would be nice to make a tutorial for it.

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Happy to Announce the launch of Like we hope to showcase and share quality Vector graphics from around the web

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Qbrushes using Amazon S3

wondering what S3 is?. S3 is Amazons Simple Storage service it allows people to take advantage of Amazons powerful network of severs for a small fee in return. Using S3 was important for qbrushes because the amount of bandwidth and file serving could probably bring my small hosting account to its knees. so now that […]

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I’m happy to announce the launch of! after a week of tweaking the wordpress theme its now finally up.’s aim is to search the web for quality photoshop brushes and share them with you! so if you know of any great brushes be sure to let us know. right now we’re working on […]

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